Paracord Bracelets for Service Men & Women


Cords U Fasten For Survival!

National Telecommunications Week! April 12th-April 18th 

OUR Paracord Bracelets:

Made with 100% USA 550 Military Spec Parachute Cord!  These CUFFS are STRONG! 550 pounds strong! A single line of 550 cord can come in handy when you might need it most! Able to hold up to 550 pounds of weight, quickly tie or fasten anything you need in a pinch or just look really great while supporting your choice of 4 services!


Support Police (Blue Line), Fire (Red Line), EMS (White Line) and Dispatchers (Gold Line)! 


Each one is made to order just for you with 9-12 feet of 550 Cord! With our precise measuring guide we can get it to fit just right!  


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Current completion and shipping time is estimated at 3-5 business days. Please use the "Contact" form before ordering to inquire on rush service or bulk orders. Thank you! 


*SHIPPING NOTICE* Our $3.00 Flat rate shipping & handling charge includes protective packaging and First Class USPS delivery. Shipping first class is by weight and may very based on your order but you will never pay more than $3.00 S&H.